Krylex® - The Professional Range


Is the professional range of industrial and engineering adhesives and
sealants, specifically developed by Chemence for industrial applications.

This high quality range sets new standards of performance
for all bonding and sealing requirements.

The KRYLEX® range includes instant adhesives (cyanoacrylates), anaerobic adhesives and sealants (threadlockers, retainers, pipe sealants and gasket makers), structural acrylic,UV curing adhesives for glass bonding, primers and activators.

KRYLEX® offers reliable and high-specification industrial adhesives to help enhance productivity, improve performance and reduce manufacturing process, components and costs.

Latest News

UK Distributors  


New distributors have been appointed for the KRYLEX® professional range of adhesives.
The KRYLEX® range is now stocked by Monks & Crane
Industrial Group, and in Cromwell Tools branches. The range is now available in a total of 70 national outlets throughout the UK.


Expanding the KRYLEX® range into Eastern Europe. KRYLEX®products are now available in Romania through Vango SRL continuing the global expansion of the KRYLEX®brand.


Vango SRL


Krylex - the professional range, adhesives of choice for industry
  • Instant
  • Anaerobic
  • UV
  • Structural

KRYLEX® Instant Adhesives create instant strong bonds on rubber, metals, ceramics, wood and plastics. Hard to bond substrates including plastics such as PTFE, polythene and polypropylene can be bonded by using the KRYLEX® range of primers and activators.

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KRYLEX® High performance sealants, locking fluids, gels and pastes that will rapidly polymerise in the absence of air and between metallic surfaces. The KRYLEX® range of anaerobics offers a cost-saving and weight-saving alternative to traditional methods.

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KRYLEX® Single component UV curing adhesives create an almost instant, cure on demand bond, initiated by the application of an ultraviolet (UV) light source. Commonly used for bonding, sealing, potting or encapsulating glass, metal and plastic combinations.

UV light curing adhesives are strong, solvent-free and allow clear bond lines.

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KRYLEX® Structural adhesives, a range of 2 part acrylic adhesives. designed to give high strength bonds on a variety of substrates.

KA303 2-part adhesive with high tensile shear and peel strength with maximum resistance to shock, stress and impact, ideal for dissimilar materials. KRYLEX® KA303 Acrylic Adhesive does not require mixing.

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